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Freeware VST - daHornet  

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The Sample Spot isn't only a resource for sample based production. We've got you covered on your VST game too! Today The Sample Spot brings you the quality VSTi "daHornet," developed by Dash Signature. A VST that used to be paid but a since been made freeware, you can be sure that daHornet is one of the better free synths out there.

Back in the 80's there was a synth made called the Wasp. It was characterized by its black and yellow appearance and unique sound. Dash Signature has chosen to model daHornet after this instrument, but not fully replicate it, in this case for the better. daHornet is a much more stable and versatile implementation of the original Wasp and is capable of producing a wide range of sounds.

Available for Mac and Windows.

Click to Download (Windows)

Click to Download (Mac)


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