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Welcome to The Sample Spot!

The sample spot is now in a new location! Please visit for continued updates!

New site is officially up!  

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The new site on the new host is finally official! If you haven't checked it out yet, head over to and bookmark that page, because all further updates will be happening over there! It's definitely still a work in progress, because The Sample Spot, will continue working to add features and bring you quality samples/drum kits/VST's/news.

We've got you covered!

The NEW Sample Spot.

Freeware VST - daHornet  

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The Sample Spot isn't only a resource for sample based production. We've got you covered on your VST game too! Today The Sample Spot brings you the quality VSTi "daHornet," developed by Dash Signature. A VST that used to be paid but a since been made freeware, you can be sure that daHornet is one of the better free synths out there.

Back in the 80's there was a synth made called the Wasp. It was characterized by its black and yellow appearance and unique sound. Dash Signature has chosen to model daHornet after this instrument, but not fully replicate it, in this case for the better. daHornet is a much more stable and versatile implementation of the original Wasp and is capable of producing a wide range of sounds.

Available for Mac and Windows.

Click to Download (Windows)

Click to Download (Mac)

The Sample Spot is Moving.  

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The Sample Spot has some great news in the form of a new webhost. The site is undergroing a lot of changes and will continue making some changes for a long while as it moves on to better hosting solutions.

The new site is already transferred over and presentable, so if you guys want to head over and check that out, you can at Every post made here will be made there as well, so you might just want to start heading over there instead of here.

Just remember that it IS a work in progress, in particular the forums which is looking ghost! Help out a little and give us a piece of your mind. If it goes down or pages start looking funky, you better just hit up this page for your downloads.

Keep it tuned.

G-NETIC Live Drum Samples  

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Chances are, you don't know him, because who checks up on other producers music these days, right? Anyways. G-NETIC is pretty much a dope Drum & Bass/Hip-Hop producer. If you care to stop by and check this dudes crazy style out, peep it at But for the rest of you, here's a pack of live drum samples with his name stamped on them. I took a listen and these sound pretty good, so if you're looking for that live feel these loops have got you covered. Keep them in tact or chop them up. Just keep it tuned to The Sample Spot.

Click to Download.

Bunch o' Strings Sound Pack  

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Need some strings for that beat you're working on? The Sample Spot has got you covered! Download this sound pack with a variety of quality tuned string single shots and get to it!

Click to Download.

Bluewater Break Pack  

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Unfortunately there haven't been that many updates the past couple of days. The internet has been out for the past couple of days because of the crazy weather around here these days... Anyways, The Sample Spot is back, and I have a great pack for you producers out there, filled with a large collection or drum breaks for you to chop and filter up as you please. Get those drums tight people, because Those thin sounds just aren't cutting it anymore.

Click Here to Download.

Weapon Samples  

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Need weapon samples for your next hard beat? The Sample Spot has got you covered! Sounds from various weapons including AK's, P90's, AUG's, MP5's, grenades, knife slashes, and many more!

Click to Download.


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